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Most Popular Algos

Open Range BreakOut Algorithm

Updated Sep 2019

Open Range BreakOut Trading Algorithm has been designed to minimize morning entries execution time and provides exit management ...

Stock Index After Hours

Updated Sep 2019

An automated trading strategy for the Tradestation platform that takes advantage of the tendency for smooth night time trends on the long side ...

Spitting Cobra E-mini S&P

Updated Aug 2019

Spitting Cobra trades in the direction of strong and well established intra-day trends. Best described as a "Middle Trend Finder" ...

Most Popular Studies

Cash Value Oscillator

Updated Nov 2019

We have developed a Discretional Day Trading Strategy that provides Real-Time Long, Short, and Exit signals ...

Monsoon PreMarket Setup

Updated Aug 2019

The key to success is knowing where powerful key reversal points exists and identify them quickly ...

ORBO Breakout Study

Updated Sept 2019

The Open Range BreakOut Study was designed to harness the ability to trade multiple assets ...

Globex ATR Indicator

Updated May 2019

Real-Time Globex and ATR pivots with live daily Dynamic Ranges ...

Volume Ratio Study

Updated Aug 2019

The VolDiff Indicator is used to measure the Volume Difference and Volume Ratio distribution per ...

Zone Master Indicator

Updated Jul 2019

ZoneMaster has been designed to quickly insert and replicate support & resistance lines across ...

Our mission and vision

Our Mission is to assist all organizations with Algorithmic System Design, Strategy Automation, and to help alleviate worries created by current market conditions. We have dedicated Software Designers and Programmers that can help take your Trading Concept from a manual to an automated strategy in no time. Algo Charts Pro has a large repository of Trading Strategies and tools for lease or purchase.

Our Vision is to be valued as a “trusted mentor” by understanding our customers’ risk exposure and existing technology in use, aligning systems to current and future needs, deploying emerging technology for new Trading opportunities, designing Trading Strategies that provide higher degrees of efficiency and risk assurance.

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